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Jim Clark Museum in Duns crosses funding finish line

A funding package is in place for the project celebrating the Scottish two-time Formula One champion.

Experts gather for Europe's first dark sky conference

The south west of Scotland hopes to cement its reputation as a premier destination for stargazing.

Lambs' ears ripped off in farm attack near Hawick

Three lambs had their ears ripped off while a forth suffered serious head injuries in the "brutal" attack.

David Coulthard safe driving app advert for Aviva banned

The Advertising Standards Agency said that it "encouraged dangerous and irresponsible driving".

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Mexico: Huge earthquake topples buildings, killing more than 200

The tremor toppled buildings in the capital, including a school, with many trapped in the rubble.

Hurricane Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico

The powerful storm has already affected a series of islands as it barrels through the Caribbean.

Catalonia referendum: Spain steps up raids to halt vote

Senior officials are detained as police target ministries involved in planning a banned referendum.

Trump's first UN speech met with criticism from some leaders

The US president's first key speech at the UN was denounced by some member nations he had singled out.